Sell At Home

If you reside or are visiting Tokyo or Hong Kong, you can request one of our expert appraisers to visit to examine and purchase an Hermès item(s) from your home or hotel, hassle-free and at no charge.

How to Sell At Home

STEP 1 Contact Us

You can apply for a free preliminary quote by calling or emailing us.

When you contact us, please let us know that you would like us to visit for an appraisal to sell your Hermès item(s). We can then discuss a date and time one of our top appraisers can visit.

STEP 2 Visit & Assessment

On the date of our appointment, our staff will visit you to authenticate and evaluate your item(s).

STEP 3 Get Paid

If you are satisfied with the quote price, we will promptly purchase the item(s) with cash. If we cannot reach an agreed price, you will not be charged any authentication or appraisal fees.
Our top appraisers are available now for an appointment to visit you. We hope to see you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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