Sell By Mail

Even if you live away from Tokyo and Hong Kong, you can still sell to our boutique. You only need to send us information on your item(s) for a free preliminary quote, and then send us your item(s) by mail for a final appraisal.

How to Sell By Mail

STEP 1 Send Us Details of Your Item(s)

You can apply for a free preliminary quote by calling or emailing us.

You can also enter your Hermès item(s) information as well as your personal information in our online application form, found at the bottom of this page.

STEP 2 Product Shipment & Assessment

Please carefully pack the item(s) that need to be appraised, put them in the package you have prepared, put a photocopy of your preferred identification together, and then mail it to us. You can also send us your identification information as an image through LINE or email.
Please remember to always insure valuable items you send by mail. Ginza Xiaoma is not responsible for damage caused during transit. If your item is found to be a counterfeit, we will return your item at your expense.

After your item(s) arrives, our appraiser will authenticate and perform a final appraisal. After the assessment is complete, we will contact you by calling or emailing you.

STEP 3 Get Paid

If you are satisfied with the quote price, we will promptly purchase the item(s) through a bank transfer after confirming your identity. If the financial institution is closed, the transfer will take place on the next business day. If we cannot reach an agreed price, you will not be charged any authentication or appraisal fees, and your item will be urgently returned to you.
Our boutique is available to give you a free quote now. We hope to hear from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn how we protect your personal information.



例) 陳大文
例) 6789 1234
例) Hermes Birkin 30 黑色 牛皮
例) XXX, XXX, X樓X室
Please read the privacy policy to learn how we protect your personal information.