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What is consignment?

I want to sell high because the market is stagnant now...
I want to entrust my items to someone who understands the true value of Hermès...
To better meet the needs of our clients, Ginza Xiaoma offers consignment services, where you can decide the asking price. Only the most experienced appraisers thoroughly investigate market trends and propose the best sales method. Your treasured items will be sold on your behalf in the prime location of Ginza, Tokyo and in our global online marketplaces. You can also decide to sell directly to us at any time.
Our incredible sales record and worldwide network of Hermès lovers ensures our confidence in finding the perfect match for your item. Regardless of where you sell in the world or what particular item you want to sell, our hassle-free consignment process is quick and easy. From the moment you decide to consign with us, we treat your items with the utmost respect.
That is the luxury consignment service of Ginza Xiaoma.

Consignment Results

Why choose Ginza Xiaoma?


Access to our global clientele of Hermès connoisseurs.

When you consign with Ginza Xiaoma, you access one of the most extensive and knowledgeable clientele in fashion. Our global network of clients includes celebrities and connoisseurs alike, each praising our collection of the rarest and most coveted Hermès pieces. We use our boutique in Ginza and showroom in Hong Kong, our online shop, social media, and other major online marketplaces to access the widest market for the items we receive.

Professional concierge services for all your needs.

Your items are carefully handled by experts with a vast wealth of experience and expertise. Utilizing more than 25 years of Hermès experience, we will investigate not only domestic and overseas market prices, but also past sales performance and customer preferences. Based on this, we will propose the best selling price and sales methods for your particular item.

Insurance is available for your most beloved items.

In case of an emergency, insurance is also available. We are well prepared for natural disasters, accidents, and theft. You can consign with peace of mind, knowing that your items will always be carefully looked after. From the moment you decide to consign with us, we treat your items with the utmost respect. Your treasured items are always in the best care with Ginza Xiaoma.
Greeting from the Chief Appraiser:
Hello, my name is Hashimoto. I have been working in the preowned Hermès market for over 25 years. I have worked for two major companies, promoted as a store manager, assessor and buyer, and gained many experiences as a member of the management team.
Consignment has existed for more than 20 years, and while there are many shops that still offer consignment sales, it is becoming uncommon. Even if you advertise consignment services a lot, such as “low commission when selling” or “simple and easy to use”, you won’t be charged any fees, even if the items cannot be sold.
The strength of Ginza Xiaoma is that there are always many clients who are looking for new items that have arrived, and we have a high track record of sales. Even now, we are striving to meet the demand from around the world. If you entrust your treasured items with us, you will say with confidence that Ginza Xiaoma offers the best consignment service in the world.

About Our Boutique

Ginza Boutique
Since the summer of 2016, our boutique has been open in the prestigious Ginza, Tokyo!
Over 300 Hermès items such as Birkin and Kelly are always on display.
Zip Code 104-0061
Address: Chūō-ku, Tōkyō Ginza 7-6-11 Mikuni Ginza 7B 1F
Tokyo Metro Ginza Station Exit A2 – 5 minutes
Tokyo Metro Ginza Station Exit A2 – 5 minutes
11:00 – 22:00 (except during New Year holidays)
Phone number 03-6264-5267
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