About us
It is important to be honest and earn the trust of customers,
We purchase and sell Hermes.
We have a store in Tokyo Ginza and Roppongi,
For those who love Hermes,
We offer places for 'encounter' and 'farewell'.
  • 橋本昌彦 Ginza store manager
    Masahiko Hashimoto
    Working Exp 25Years
    Evaluate Exp 1 Million

    My hobbies are sports watching and karaoke etc. The person himself says, 'It is wide and shallow ~\', but it is a multi-hobby, profound knowledge of various things, wide knowledge in various fields is utilized for product appraisal and assessment.
    Recently, it seems that it is my boom to compete with the appraiser who is appearing while watching the popular appraisal program on TV.

What is Hermes's expensive purchase?
Purchasing of Ginza XIAOMA starts with finding Hermes's true value.
Our staff almost have more than 25 years' assessment experience.
And we have the ability to check all kind of Hermes item.
We will evaluate to the maximum according to the highest quotient of domestic and foreign countries.
We have a global sales channel such as China, Singapore, the United States,
Because we will sell that item at the highest price among its sales channels,
You can sell your Hermes, Our purchase price higher than more other marketing,
The price given by Ginza XIAOMA on the TOP class of the industry.
We (Ginza XIAOMA) understand much more the value of Hermes,
We are the Hermes specialty store and we can evaluate the all kind of Hermes in maximum price.